Event Identity and Publication Design

Event Identity : India Innovating for 2022

Publication Design : 11 IT papers


Event Identity &

Publication Design


Friedrich Ebert Stiftung



Inspired by the previous icon, I have recreated a new branding identity for ‘India Innovating for 2022’.

The identity indicates progress and growth in the global scenario by


The upward arrow and outline of the globe are the main shapes used here to show overall growth and prosperity.The colors Red and Blue are the primary colors as blue represents intelligence and the “Ashok Chakra” of the Indian Flag, and Red represents energy and passion. The font used here is Open Sans because of Brand Guideline


Publication Designs

fes papers copy.jpg

FES IT-Papers

Have done 11 publications for Ferdich Ebert Stiftung. Such as Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Impact on Automotive Sector, The Wicked Problem of AI Governance,  Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Impact on Information Technology Service Sector, etc.