Project KKrowten

June 2017 | Delhi

Client : KKrowten India Pvt. Ltd.

Agency : Grasshopper Media
Concept and Design: Rabiul Islam


KKrowten is a Direct Selling organization that is powered by best in class everyday use; Health, Beauty, Personal and Home Care Products, backed by a business opportunity that can change people’s lives. KKrowten has a simple plan. To fulfill the dreams of thousands of budding entrepreneurs and allow access to high-quality everyday products to the people for a healthy lifestyle.


Project KKrowten

November, 2018 | Bengaluru

Client : KKrowten India
Concept and Design: Rabiul Islam








Kavish Royal Basil Drop Packaging​

Empersonal Shampoo Packaging ​

Empersonal Swing Sanitary Napkin Packaging ​

Empersonal Neem Face Wash​

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