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The purpose of

development is to enrich

human lives, not

richness of economy

which is only part of it.


- Amartya Sen

The future is not someplace

we are going, but one we are creating.

The paths are not to be found

but made. And the activity of

making them changes

both the maker and the destination.


- John Schaar


We evolved energy, we evolved technology, we consume

more, more and more. In this time my motivation is to take

a step through visual communication to save

human-nature interaction. This capstone is not only

research or exploration, rather it’s a kind of design

activism for saving Sundarban’s ecology and society.

Few Poster works

Few Poster works

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Animation Film


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Thanks for your time :)

Here are a few artifacts and a glimpse

of my capstone project.

For complete project reach out to me at


+91 9733 450 433